About Jess & Lucy

Jess and Lucy proudly holding their dissertations Feb 2020



We are a pair of aspiring creative advertising graduates from the University of Lincoln.

Since partnering in November 2019, we've been working hard to finesse our process, building a high level of creative thinking and the confidence to apply it.

Our incredible experience at the University of Lincoln enabled us to work on multiple live briefs from brands such as E.ON, Unidays and Spotify. We had the opportunity to present our work to peers in regular crits at our University of Lincoln studio and developed a confidence to share and present ideas externally too. We justify our work with human insights and research in order to establish unique conceptual outlook and improve our ability to produce original ideas.

LucyI'm a straight talking Yorkshire girl who thinks both strategically and creatively, I really thrive where I’m required to tackle new challenges that stretch my abilities.

One of my key strengths is communicating with people so much so that I’ve been given the nickname ‘Radio Lucy’ as I never stop talking. This has served me well when developing really strong human insights. 

I studied Fine Art, English and Photography A-levels. I then went onto study Creative Advertising BA (Hons). Whilst at university I achieved a YCN award, and became course representative.

JessAn undying love for dogs and constantly attempting terrible puns are my two main pastimes.​ I also enjoy exploring areas of natural beauty and experimenting with recipes. 

I've been described as confident, motivated and tenacious (as well as 'an eejit' - thanks Nan). 

My work history includes graphic design, marketing and I also spent a fair few years working my way through various positions in hospitality. If I can retain my sanity through all that I truly believe that I can survive anything. So bring it on advertising world! Show me what ya got.